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Answers below:

1. How can I download the watermarked photos I see on the site?

Once you are at a photo's detail page, hold your mouse over the image and you should see a context menu.  Move your mouse to "DOWNLOAD" and then select the size (small, medium, large).  This will be exactly what you see on the site.

2. What can I do with watermarked photos from your site?

You can upload photos to your social networking sites and other similar places for personal use with attribution.  You cannot use these images or any licensed downloads for any commercial or derivative works unless the license I've given you specifically allows for that.


3. I want a large version of a photo for printing, how can I get that?

Talking convention photos specifically, you can contact me and I'll send or link you a copy of the digital photo(s) as long as you can prove it is you in the photo.


4. You took my photo and gave me a business card, but I can't find the photos.

Like anyone else, I'm not always able to get the shot.  I don't generally upload blurred or extremely poor images I've taken.  Chances are the photo of you didn't turn out or somehow I lost the image to a computer/memory card issue.  It's also possible I just missed it when post processing, so you can contact me about it and I will check.


5. I want a site like yours, what do you use?

I use a paid service called zenfolio.com.  If you are interested you can use my affiliate code ( T5J-CD6-XKZ ) for 10% off a year's fees.  It's really easy to use and as you can see, the photo viewing interface is quite nice!